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Casa Comunal is home.  Nestled directly upon the lush shores of the Caribbean and a ten minute walk from the best and most consistent breaks in Bocas del Toro, this warm and inviting space was designed respectfully of its environment with the intent to promote shared learning, spirited interaction and above all, human connection.  It is a place where bonds are formed so strongly within that they benefit the local community outside.

This open-plan, modular, oceanfront loft is ideal for family gatherings, group holidays, and Learning Retreats.  As a vacation property, it can be rented as one large 5 bedroom, 4  bathroom house or two separate houses- "Casa Norte" a 3bed/2bath and "Casa Sur" a 2bed/2bath.  As a site for Learning Retreats, the home is designed with modular walls and furniture that can be opened and expanded for multiple uses to maximize collaboration, idea-sharing and most of all, a perfect work/play balance.

Our mission is to provide our guests a comfortable, well-rounded getaway integrated with activities such as surfing, yoga and a variety of other adventures available throughout the Bocatoranian archipelago while also giving back to the island and its local community.